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term and conditions. 

(By submitting this registration form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

1. Student Support: It is the joint responsibility of the caregivers, school and organisation involved with the student to ensure that they come to the class with the level of support they require to particulate fully and safely. If the student is not supported as detailed in the registration form, the teacher has the right to immediately exclude them from the class in action. At any time if the teacher feels that enrolled student becomes a risk to the safety of other staff member or participating students, they have to right to exclude the enrolled student from the class immediately.

2. Fees: The cost of the class to each individual is $7.50/class (IHC parents association generously offers a subsidy to keep class cost to a minimum). If a student is unable to attend a lesson due to illness or another commitment the Class Teacher must be notified before the lesson. Non-notified unattended lessons will be charge for. 

3. Billing / Invoicing: An account for classes attended will be sent to the billing address identified in the registration form at the end of each month. The Account is payable by the 20th of the following month. Fees are paid directly to Giant Leaps Speech Company / ICAN Adademy.

4. Complaints / Concerns: By enrolling your child into Speech and Drama classes you are entering into an agreement with the Giant Leaps Speech Company. Concerns about any aspect of our mixed ability programme should initially directed to the teacher in charge. If your concerns are not resolved in the first instance with your child's teacher, you are advised to contact management at the Giant Leaps Speech Company. 

5. Public Holidays: There are no classes held on Public Holidays

6. Discontinuing Classes: If a student wished to discontinue with classes, 2 WEEKS WRITTEN NOTICE is required from the caregiver / school / organisation.  The student will continue to be charged until the notice is received.