What is Speech and Drama?

Speech is communicating with one another, and drama is choosing an interesting way to express it.

Fear of speaking in public or socializing with peers is not uncommon for children. They are anxious, afraid of being ridiculed or being the centre of attention. The truth is, these fears will remain with children and develop long into adulthood – if not challenged.

Speech and Drama builds or develops confidence, self-esteem, social skills and conversational ability. It also teaches empathy, providing opportunities for children to experience the world from perspectives outside their own. Speech and Drama lessons are not meant just for reserved children but for the exuberant ones too. Drama is a wonderful way through which they can channel their energies to find innovative methods of creating and expressing!

The benefits of Speech and Drama are obvious. Children become self-confident and at the same time become good communicators!

Through Speech and Drama, children develop:

  • Accurate speech skills
  • Oral presentation skills
  • Reading ability
  • Social skills

Through Speech and Drama, Children become:

  • Self-confident
  • Good communicators
  • Creative
  • Expressive

Whether your child is reserved or exuberant, Speech and Drama is a wonderful way for children to express themselves, which they may not be able to do in a regular classroom setting, further encouraging their imagination by playing ‘dress-up’, where the children experiment with and act as the characters they are learning about. In that way they learn how to characterize and dramatize. They become enthusiastic performers. They gain the courage to step out of the box. Speech and Drama instills a love and appreciation of literature and the arts through experience and exposure. It also holds your child’s future.

Published by - Anna Keno, Speech + Drama Teacher, GIANT LEAPS Speech Company (ATCL, ASB)

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