ican act academy.

ICAN Act is about unique and creative expression through acting and drama. classes are for all ages and abilities. Together we empower each other to break down barriers, say ICAN, get on the stage, and shine!  Weekly classes focus on drama, mime and movement, voice work, improvisation, devising performance and dress-up. At the end of every year an annual production it put on for the community. ICAN Act engages individuals and communities. 

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All of the programmes we offer are student focused to meet the needs of the individual. Prior to enrolling in a class, each student will either individually, or in conjunction with their family / caregivers, complete an online registration form. The purpose of this is to identify the strengths and weaknesses so that we can grow and extend ourselves.  If you need more information about our classes, you can get in touch with one of our specialist Speech + Drama teachers.  Get involved in an ICAN Act! class today!

our classes. 

ICAN Act classes are specifically designed to encourage individuals of ALL abilities to understand, respond to and use speech and drama in a wide range of situations. Students will learn to use verbal and nonverbal language appropriate to different situations, while building confidence and working in a team. We foster a fun and non-judgmental environment to learn and develop new skills. ICAN Act gives everyone involved the chance to experience the buzz and thrill of performing and coming together through the love of drama. Within each group you can be assured that each student will receive the individual attention they need. The class is one hour in duration and occurs on a weekly basis over the year. 

our tutors. 

Anna Keno is the founder of GIANT LEAPS Speech Company. As a Speech & Language Therapist and a Speech & Drama Teacher she identified the need for quality and varied programmes for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. She has over 20 years’ experience as a Speech Therapist and teaching Speech and Drama to individuals of all ages and abilities. Anna is passionate about working with young people and adults to develop confidence, creativity and most importantly communication skills for life. The belief behind Anna's work is simple - That every individual can achieve their communication and performance potential - whatever that may be!