ican dance.

ICAN dance is about engaging and encouraging connections through dance. Our dance classes celebrate connections, relationships, musicality and movement, without changing anything that is unique. The ICAN dance academy is an exchange of teaching and learning. Everyone has an equal role in that exchange. 

enquire I enrol.

All dance classes are designed to meet the needs of the individual. Prior to enrolling in a class, every dancer will either individually - or with the help of their family and caregivers - complete an online enrolment form.  We want to know what is unique to every individual dancer. It is this uniqueness that we will build on and extend in the weekly classes. If you need more information about our classes, just get in touch!

the benefits.

dance... challenges body awareness.

From just a physical point of view, movement and dance help with body awareness, which refers to knowing and understanding parts of your body and how they function. Individuals with disabilities often do not understand where their bodies are in space or how to work their muscles in a controlled manner. Our dance classes have a strong focus on body Awareness. Individuals will be instructed to move their bodies in new and interesting ways they might not have experienced before.

dance... encourages social interactions.

Dance promotes social interaction. Our group classes involve working with and trusting our peers. Eye contact or appropriate touch can be difficult tasks for those with disabilities. Activities which challenge participants out of their comfort zone builds confidence. ICAN dancers perform in front of friends and family and the community.  During each class, they are performing in front of each other, which strengthens relationships and motivates them to improve.

dance... enables creative expression.

Dance is a form of creative expression. Many children and adults with disabilities have great difficulty expressing themselves or understanding emotions.  Dance gives them a chance to break out of their shells and express emotions in a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment.  Dancing activities can be stimulating or calming and relaxing.  Dance enables every individual to move their body and express themselves in their own unique and individual way. 

"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are dancers, we create dreams"

Albert Einstein