public speaking for adults.
Public Speaking classes are for adults who would like to develop versatility and confidence in the use of language. You will learn to express yourself with clarity, confidence and courtesy in personal, social, and professional situations. We teach you how to prepare and present speeches appropriate to an audience, purpose and occasion. You will improve your ability to persuade and convince others and think quickly and clearly under pressure. Strong communication skills will help you to succeed in a world that demands confidence, articulation and the ability to communicate ideas clearly. 

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Get involved in a Public Speaking Course today!  We are able to offer one-on-one or group programmes specific to individual needs. Grow your confidence grow and let your communication potential be achieved.  If you need more information about our classes, you can get in touch with one of our specialist Public Speaking teachers for more information. Don't be afraid to SPEAK UP!


We can help you develop your presentational skills so that, not only will your audience engage and want to listen, you will leave them feeling inspired. We will teach you the skills required to become a better public speaker. You will feel more confident in your ability to deliver a presentation or speech to either a small or large group of people. 

Having worked with numerous individuals and companies for a number of years, we are also able to help with idea generation and the content of your presentations. We can guide you through the most appropriate and effective ways to deliver your presentation.
Whether informative, persuasive or explanatory, our coaching will ensure you deliver to the best of your abilities.


Our experienced teachers offer coaching in the following areas.... 

  • Manage your fear of public Speaking
  • Speech structure and preparation.
  • Develop DYNAMIC Openings and closings
  • Using gestures and body language. 
  • Speaking enthusiastically and projecting your voice.
  • Become an AUTHENTIC communicator. 
  • Create engaging STORIES that will keep an audience hanging on your every word
  • The effectiveness of tone, volume, variety in your use of voice.
  • Delivering effective and powerful presentations. 
  • Interview techniques and executive conversation skills.
  • Support with an upcoming speaking or performing event. 


Formal assessment of your public and professional speaking skills is an optional extra of our Adult Public Speaking programmes.  This is available though Speech New Zealand. The Professional Speaking Syllabus is aimed at candidates who would like to develop personal confidence and effective oral language skills in the workplace. The syllabus encourages formal and informal speaking situations, appropriate to occupation and/or profession and personal presentations appropriate for workplace purposes and occasions.


GIANT LEAPS Public Speaking classes are offered Monday - Friday at many different venues in and around Geraldine, Timaru, Waimate, Oamaru and the Waitaki Valley.  We will come and work with you in your workplace too. We know that our clients are are busy, so at GIANT LEAPS we offer the flexibility to help you to find a class or appointment that suits.






We offer PUBLIC SPEAKING classes for ADULTS

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