speech therapy for teens.

Teenagers with speech and language difficulties are often impacted socially, educationally and emotionally. Teenagers need to be able to communicate in order to build positive relationships. It is through speaking and listening that they develop views, apply knowledge and become critical thinkers. These skills are needed today more than every before. We offer specialist speech therapy services for teenagers who may be experiencing communication difficulties. Speech Therapy can help teenagers with language delays, speech and articulation difficulties, stuttering, expressive and receptive language difficulties, autism spectrum disorder and much more. 

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At GIANT LEAPS we know that it’s never too late to help an individual achieve their communication potential.  Speech Therapy can improve a teenagers communication as well as positively impact their social and academic achievement. We have no waiting lists. At GIANT LEAPS we know that best intervention is best for Teens with speech and language difficulties is now - so we wont keep you waiting!

the therapy process. 


If you are concerned about your teenager, a brief screening assessment of sound production, language comprehension, expressive communication and literacy can be completed to determine if more in depth assessment is necessary.   A screening is not a substitution for a comprehensive evaluation. 

30 minutes - 45 minutes


Are you worried about your teen's speech and language and language skills?  Our Therapists will carry out a current, evidence-based assessment to determine individual communication abilities and difficulties. Following this, we share recommendations, as well as a therapy treatment plan if required.

60-90 minutes


After our assessment is completed, the results will be compiled to provide a basis for what therapy techniques will be most effective. An intervention programme is developed specific to each teenagers individual's needs using evidence based practices. A therapy programme may include school visits and observations, one-on-one appointments, parent training and home programmes.

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Speech Sounds

Speech concerns in teenagers can fall into several different categories including: articulation (speech-sound disorder), phonology, apraxia of speech, voice and stuttering.


In school-aged children language difficulties often become obvious as children begin reading and writing. Early identification and treatment is essential for school success.


Teenagers with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have difficulty with socialization, communication and language as well as repetitive behaviors.


Teenagers who stutter, are most likely to have had some childhood stuttering that has continued or has worsened with time. Most teenagers seek help from a speech-language pathologist when they notice their stutter has started to affect their personal and/or work-related activities.


Many students with AD/HD have subtle misdiagnosed speech and language disorders. These can result in academic and social communication issues.


Voice is affected by your general health, the environment, and how you use it. Talk to a Speech Therapist if you have any concerns about how your teenager's voice sounds.