Public Speaking for CHILDREN

As part of the primary school curriculum, students are asked to make speeches or presentations in front of their classmates and teacher. Many children find the prospect of speaking in front of a group of people to be quite nerve-wracking. It has even been suggested that the reason why so many adults have a fear of public speaking is because they never learned how to feel comfortable in front of a crowd as a child. 

Our Public Speaking classes will give children the tools they need to develop versatility and confidence in their use of language.  Student's will learn to structure, prepare and present speeches, interviews and debates appropriate to an audience, purpose and occasion. In our classes, children will develop the basic vocal skills (articulation, projection, modulation), body language (posture, eye contact) and speaking skills (impromptu, social and prepared speeches) to give powerful, purposeful and effective presentations.

Enquire or Enrol in a PRIMARY Public Speaking Class

Get your child involved in a Public Speaking class today!  Watch their confidence grow and communication potential be achieved. Give them the gift of superior presentation and performance skills. If you need more information about our classes, you can GET IN TOUCH with one of our specialist Public Speaking teachers for more information. 


Students are placed in small groups with similar aged peers. Lessons are 30 - 40 minutes in duration and occur on a weekly basis over the school term. During classes students will work on...

  • Choosing a topic and the right words for your speech
  • Gaining confidence with effective speaking
  • Planning your presentation
  • Speaking without help / notes and props
  • Preparing and structuring a speech - Introduction / Body and Conclusion
  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking
  • Speaking in front of an audience
  • Speaking enthusiastically and projecting your voice

Examinations offeredin partnership with...

Students will be encouraged to participate in Speech NZ Public Speaking examinations. Exams are optional, but highly recommended. They are a fantastic feature of our Public Speaking programme. Exams provide a goal for each student to work toward and give students a concrete measure of their achievement.

Classes offered in over fifteen venues!

GIANT LEAPS Public Speaking classes are offered Monday - Friday at many different venues in and around Timaru, Waimate and Oamaru. Our classes are offered in some local schools during school hours and we also run after-school classes. Click here to find a class near you!

Our Students

Aross the school year we encourage and support our students to participate and compete in examinations, performances, competitions, concerts and more. 

Keana Kearns (Winner) Lions Primary School Speech Competitions