Speech & Language Therapy for CHILDREN

GIANT LEAPS Speech offers quality and individualized speech therapy services for children and adolescents for language delays, speech and articulation difficulties, stuttering, Autism Spectrum Disorder and much more. We are a team of highly qualified and registered Speech-Language Therapists with the New Zealand Speech Therapy Association (NZSTA). We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a  range of communication and learning difficulties. 

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As a parent it can be hard to know what is "normal" development. If you are concerned about any aspect of your child's speech, language, hearing or feeding development you can TALK TO US today!

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Early identification of children with speech, language, and literacy difficulties is crucial so that their communication development is appropriately supported. We provide "screening" assessments which are an informal evaluation process to determine whether further assessment is required. Evidence shows that traditional screens can often miss children who are having - or go on to have - communication difficulties. So our 'screens' are actually a short assessment of a child's language, literacy, and speech skills. 


Are you worried about your child's speech and language + language development?  Begin by booking an assessment. Our Therapists will carry out a current, evidence-based assessments to determine your child abilities and difficulties. During your assessment, your child's speech and/or language skills will be assessed and recommendations, as well as a personalised treatment plan will be shared with you. A written report can be provide if requested.


Once the assessment tis completed, the results will be compiled to provide a basis for what therapy techniques will be most effective. An intervention programme is developed specific to each individual child's needs using evidence based practices. A therapy programme may include one-on-one appointments, parent training and home programmes. It is important that therapy goals are reinforced at home to support your child's progress. 

Speech Therapy - Its a Team Approach!

At GIANT LEAPS we know that a team approach is the best approach to client care. We value our collaboration with community preschools, schools, educators, healthcare professionals and other specialists. If you would like us to consult with your child's school, daycare or other healthcare professional, we would be happy to work as a team to help your child reach her full potential.

Where do we work?

Sessions can be home or clinic based. Sessions are also carried out at preschools and schools by arrangement. Whatever the setting we foster a fun, interactive, and positive learning environment to help children to achieve their Speech & Language goals.ntial.

How do I make a referral?

At GIANT LEAPS Speech Therapy we know that the best intervention is EARLY intervention! Referrals are accepted for both children and adults. We take referrals from GPs educators and other specialists but you don’t need a referral – you can contact us directly if you have concerns about any aspect of speech and language. We have NO WAITING LISTS and can provide assessment and treatment services as required.   

When should I be concerned?

Children vary in their development of speech and language skills. However, we know that they follow a natural progression or timetable for mastering these skills. A checklist of milestones for the normal development of speech and language skills in children from birth to 5 years of age is included below. If you are concerned about any aspect of your child's speech and language development, DONT "WAIT AND SEE!". The biggest risk of a “wait and see” approach is the loss of opportunity for enrichment during the critical early period of brain development. We know that the earlier the intervention, the greater the outcome is likely to be! 

 Stages of Speech & Language Development

We offer FREE monthly Advice Clinics...

On the first friday of each month we offer a free advice clinic. The purpose of the advice clinic is to offer a FREE ‘drop-in’ service where you can get specialist advice and inforamtion from one of our NZSTA Speech Therapists. We offer advice on…

  • What is ‘normal’ speech + language development.
  • Ways parents can support their child’s speech + language development.
  • Red flags of speech + language delays / difficulties.
  • When should parents be concerned.
  • The options and availability of speech therapy services and how parents can make a referral for these services.

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Speech therapy for... 

Workshops + courses...

We LOVE sharing our expertise and knowledge! if you would like us to help you with professional development in your workplace or education facility, contact us. We can tailor a workshop for the needs and requirements within your setting. 

"Children who struggle with early speech and language development are more likley to have difficulty forming realtionships with their peers"