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At Giant Leaps we believe communication is everything!

Communication is the heart of learning and connecting with others. At Giant Leaps our handpicked team of teachers and speech therapists are supporting every child, teenager, and adult to achieve their very best communication skills. These skills are needed more today that ever before! 

Speech Therapy

Specialist and evidence-based intervention for children, teenagers and adults with communication difficulties. 

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Speech and Drama

We follow the Speech NZ and Trinity College of London syllabus teaching communication and performance.

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Literacy Boost®

We use the gold-standard sounds-write structured literacy programme to support reading and spelling difficulties. 

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ICAN Academy®

ICAN Academy® is an inclusive and diverse preforming arts class for people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

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Live-in Five®

Live-in-Five® is our exclusive school holiday programme giving children the opportunity to put on a live show in just five days!

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Stage Might®

Stage Might® is our bespoke public speaking development programme training for children and teenagers.

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