Literacy Boost®

Based on the science of reading - we know that structured phonics is the most effective way to teach children to read and spell. 

Literacy Boost® is a highly structured, multi-sensory, and code-oriented, instructional approach to teaching children to read and spell. It teaches all key elements of conceptual understanding, factual knowledge, and the three essential skills of blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation necessary for learning to read and spell. Structured literacy is designed to improve students' achievement in literacy. All of our speech therapists are sounds-write trained which is an evidence-based programme to support foundation and beginning literacy instruction. It is also an effective intervention programme for children that are struggling with reading, writing and spelling.

Why choose Literacy Boost®?  

Literacy Boost® uses the Sounds-Write programme. Sounds-Write is a gold standard first phonics programme and is one of the finest system of literacy tuition in the English language. It has been designed to provide professionals with a comprehensive system with which to teach reading, spelling and writing. Sounds-Write is an ideal programme to teach ALL children literacy but it also serves as a very successfully remedial or catch-up programme.



Literacy Boost® uses a clearly defined scope and sequence. The programme is systematic and follows a carefully planned structure which introduces the 44 sounds of English and their corresponding letters in a clear logical sequence. Students learn how to build up and break apart words using their phonological awareness and letter-sound knowledge.


Progress is constantly monitored and assessed to adjust pacing, presentation, and amount of practice given before introducing new information.

Explicit teaching.

Students are directly taught the information and skills to be learned, using clear language. The teaching scripts minimise the cognitive load for students, helping them to focus more attention on the new knowledge or skill they’re being taught



Literacy Boost® intervention builds on students’ previous learning to ensure progress. The programme intentionally moves from teaching simple to more complex content. Phonological awareness is built into every session.

Sound to print.

Literacy Boost® is well founded on the principle that we teach reading by starting with what all children learn naturally—the sounds of their own language. We are establishing the link between the sounds (phonemes) the child has learned already, and the visual signs (graphemes) that represent them.


Learners are highly engaged in hearing the sounds, seeing the symbols, saying the sounds, and writing the symbols in every lesson. This is a core component of the multimodal approach to optimise learning