Red Flags for Speech & Language Delays / Disorders

12 Months and Younger:

  • No babble or vocalizations that contain several different consonants and vowels
  • Minimal engagement with others, including eye contact, smiling, pointing, etc.
  • Does not gain the attention of others
  • Does not recognize or respond to the name of common objects
  • No response seen when his/her name is spoken

By Age 18 Months:

  • Does not use several words (at least 10-15) consistently
  • Unable to point to common body parts
  • Has difficulty following simple directions such as “go get it”, “come here”, etc.
  • No greetings/farewells (“bye bye”) seen
  • No back-and-forth interaction with others, such as smiling, laughing, or playing

By Age 2:

  • No use of 2-word phrases (e.g., “Daddy gone”)
  • Does not play with other children
  • Difficulty following 2-step commands (e.g., “Give me the ball and give Daddy the car.”)
  • Not understood in at least 50% of the time
  • Does not point to named objects or pictures

By Age 3:

  • Does not understand simple colors and sizes (“big/little”)
  • Does not respond to simple “who, what, where” questions
  • Does not use 2-, 3-, and 4- word phrases/sentences
  • No turn-taking or playing with others
  • Not understood in at least 75% of the time
  • Not saying the beginning or ending of words (“hou” for “house”)

By Age 4:

  • Does not use sentences consistently
  • Not yet asking questions
  • Not naming letters or numbers
  • Unable to tell a short story
  • Not at least 90% understandable when speaking. Some sound errors may still be present such as “R, L, CH, SH, J, or TH”.
  • Does not follow multi-step directions without the use of gestures or pointing

Red Flags for ALL Ages:

  • Repetitive movements with objects, arms, hands, etc.
  • Does not respond to people or sounds
  • Stops saying or learning words
  • Echoes (repeats) words or phrases over and over
  • No imitation of sounds, words, or gesture

Posted: Saturday 11 August 2018