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Our Facebook Agreement.

During our Broadway Kids classes children perform and amaze in so many ways. From time to time we would like to be able to share this with you and others. The purpose of the Facebook page is to create a medium of exchange between our classes and home. It is also an opportunity to share resources and notices and to get the word out about Giant Leaps Speech, and all the wonderful things we have to offer. Your permission may be changed at any time by contacting us.

Please choose one of the following options:

 I give permission to post both images / videos and name of my child on the Giant Leaps Speech Facebook page

 I give permission to post only images / videos of my child on the Giant Leaps Speech Facebook page (no name)

 Please do not post any images / videos of my child on the Giant Leaps Speech Facebook page 

    (by submitting this form you are agreeing to the term and conditions below)


 Terms + conditions 2019.  (please read carefully) 

 1)      Classes during school time occur on the same day each week but the timetable each week rotates. This will ensure the student is not out of the class for the same time period each week.

 2)      By enrolling your child into Speech and Drama classes you are entering into an agreement with the Giant Leaps Speech Company. Concerns about any aspect of your child’s Speech & Drama programme should initially directed to the teacher of your child. If your concerns are not resolved in the first instance with your child's teacher, you are advised to contact management at the Giant Leaps Speech Company. 

 3)      A standard term fee is charged for all classes. Term fees are payable in advance. An account will be sent out at the start of each term with payment due within 7 days from the date of the account. Fees are paid directly to Giant Leaps Speech Company.


Broadway kids fees.

Broadway Tots (age 5 + under)

Broadway Kids (years 1 -8)

Broadway Teens (years 9 upwards)

$100.00 + gst / term

$150.00 + gst / term

$150.00 + gst / term

4)      TERM is as per school calendar. Fees are fixed regardless of the length of the term be it 9 weeks or 13 weeks. Unattended lessons will not be reimbursed. If a student is unable to attend a lesson due to illness or an essential school commitment the Speech Teacher must be notified before the lesson for a refund to be applied. Before a fee refund, every effort will be made to make up an unattended lesson.

5)      Where your child attends their speech + drama lesson during school hours and it falls on a TEACHER ONLY DAY, Giant Leaps Speech + Drama classes will continue as normal. It is the responsibility of the child and their family to choose if they attend their scheduled class.

5a)    Classes will NOT run on Public Holidays

6)     In the rare occasion where your child's teacher is not available to take their scheduled classes and where a relieving teacher cannot be found, classes will be caught up the following week. When a class cannot be caught up because of teacher absence, a discount on term fees will be offered to reflect this.

7)     If additional lessons are required to bring students up to examination standard, these will be charged for at the rate of $15.00+gst / lesson.

8)     You are NOT required to re-enroll your child/ren from term to term and year to year. Your child's enrollment will roll over and continue at the same scheduled time into the next school term - unless you let us know otherwise!

9)     It is expected that the student will continue to be enrolled in classes until TWO WEEKS notice of discontinuation is received from parents. Notice to discontinue should be sent in writing to the student's Speech & Drama teacher. THE STUDENT MUST COMPLETE THE TERM THEY ARE CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN.