broadway kids.

Giant Leaps I Broadway Kids is a performance based programme focusing on a broad range of  skills including stage + sing + dance. Children of ALL ages learn to perform songs + scenes from what's hot on Broadway - taught by musical theatre + industry professionals. Sing with guitar and keyboard accompaniment. Get your spot in the limelight with solos, acting lines and group performances. Learn about microphones and sound.  We give our our students extended performance opportunities and live audience experiences in our community showcases throughout the year. These performances will give students their moment to shine - as individuals and as a group, performing on the stage in front of an audience. With  industry experienced professionals teaching the class - this is the real deal! 


our programme.


The acting component comprises a series of drama-based games and activities to boost confidence and develop character. Vocal projection will be covered and we  will touch on areas such as character physicality and accents. Simple linking script and monologues are used but this course does not go into the depths that our speech + drama classes go into. Many of our students take Musical Theatre as well as Drama and Dance for holistic performance training.


The music component of the curriculum comprises vocal technique, pitch, harmonies and develops basic musical reading and notation. Articulation and projection are an important focus while still maintaining good singing technique. We teach students about the diaphragm and correct breathing which enhances their ability to sing well and competently on stage. We work in groups and all children are encouraged to prepare solo and featured roles.


The dance aspect of the course is developed by industry choreographers and you will complete many musical theatre dances over the course of the year.  You will learn about the powerful "performance centre" of your body and will be given skills and techniques to develop the ability to sing while dancing. The genre is musical dramatic dance.



our creative driving force.

Anna Keno.

Anna is the creative driving force behind GIANT LEAPS Speech Company - established in response to the demand for quality and specialist Speech Therapy and Speech + Drama programmes for all ages and abilities. A qualified Speech Therapist (BSLT, MNZSTA) and Speech + Drama Teacher (ATCL, ASB),  Anna is especially passionate about early intervention and enhancing communication skills to give young children the best start in life.

Louise Erskine.

Louise is a first class honors speech therapist and member of NZSTA. She has worked extensively with pre-school + school aged children that have speech and language difficulties and delays. Louise is passionate about working with children and their whanau. Louise is a mother to three young children and understands the importance and emotion involved in wanting to see your children succeed.

Abigail Austin.

Abigail is a well rounded + experienced performer and teacher. She is no stranger to the performance scene having choreographed and starred in over 15 stage shows. Abigail is passionate about sharing her performing knowledge and experiences with others. She thrives on seeing her student's grow in confidence and the positive impact that involvement in the performing arts has on shaping their lives both now and in the future. 

Krissy McGeown.

Where do we start.... Krissy is an award winning actress. Having staged as a leading vocalist and performer in many well know musicals, Krissy was recently named the 2019 best female lead by OSTA. She's modest, she's bold, she sings, she acts, she is a true professional and she is OUR Broadway Kids creative director. Look no further that learning from the best in the industry!

Josh Acheson.

Josh brings to our creative team youth and energy. A musician, a singer, an actor... Josh is a natural stage leader and teacher. Josh has stage and musical theatre experience and he is eager pass this on to our young students. Josh is the "big kid" of our teaching team and with that he brings a whole lot of contagious enthusiasm and energy to share!

Lily Stock.

Lily brings youth + energy to our teaching team. At the tender age of 17, Lily is an accomplished public speaker, performer and stage manager. Lily recently played lead roles in the Waitaki Combined School’s - High School Musical, and then MTOs - Mamma Mia. She was nominated for the Otago Southland Theatre Award of Best leading female for her role as Sophie. In her own words "I am incredibly excited to work alongside Krissy and the Broadway Kids programme. I love both kids and performance, so the two combined for a job at my age is a dream come true"