Broadway Kids classes

Broadway Kids is a performance based programme focusing on the stage + sing + dance. .

Giant Leaps I Broadway Kids is a performance based programme focusing on a broad range of  skills including stage + sing + dance. Children of ALL ages learn to perform songs + scenes from what's hot on Broadway - taught by musical theatre + industry professionals. Sing with guitar and keyboard accompaniment. Get your spot in the limelight with solos, acting lines and group performances. Learn about microphones and sound.  We give our our students extended performance opportunities and live audience experiences in our community showcases throughout the year. These performances will give students their moment to shine - as individuals and as a group, performing on the stage in front of an audience. With  industry experienced professionals teaching the class - this is the real deal! 


Our Programmes.


Broadway Tots.

With the help of industry theatre professionals and NZSTA Speech-Language Therapists, we have designed a preschool programme that accelerates confidence, creativity and communication skills. Broadway Tots classes will spark creativity and unlock the potential within our little people. Classes are high energy and designed to introduce under 5's to the wonderful world of Broadway. You will learn popular songs and scenes from a different Disney stage shows. This course focuses on stage + sing enhanced with dance + movement.  Broadway Tots offers valuable learning experiences that harness the power of Disney storytelling and the magic of Disney scenes.

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Broadway Kids.

Broadway Kids classes are fun, creative and high energy. kids will get skilled for the stage in our action packed classes that focus on stage + sing, sprinkled with dance. Kids will learn to perform songs and scenes from whats hot on Broadway - taught by musical theatre and industry professionals. Kids will get their spot in the limelight with solos, acting lines + group performances. Get involved in musical theratre magic from popular shows including The Lion King, Oliver, the wizard of Oz, Alladin, Frozen, Matilda, Mary Poppins and more. 

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Broadway Teens.

Broadway teens classes are high energy classes designed to extend older students to the wonderful world of Broadway. You will learn popular songs, scenes and musical theatre techniques from a different stage show each term then focus on a particular scene and master it for your end of year show. This course focuses on stage + sing enhanced with dance. The the shows we use include Grease, High School Musical, Mama Mia, Les Miserables, Oliver, Wicked, The Wizard of Oz, Little Shop of Horrors, Bugsy Malone, Rocky Horror, Glee, A Chorus Line, Mary Poppins and more.

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The acting component comprises a series of drama-based games and activities to boost confidence and develop character. Vocal projection will be covered and we  will touch on areas such as character physicality and accents. Simple linking script and monologues are used but this course does not go into the depths that our speech + drama classes go into. Many of our students take Musical Theatre as well as Drama and Dance for holistic performance training.


The music component of the curriculum comprises vocal technique, pitch, harmonies and develops basic musical reading and notation. Articulation and projection are an important focus while still maintaining good singing technique. We teach students about the diaphragm and correct breathing which enhances their ability to sing well and competently on stage. We work in groups and all children are encouraged to prepare solo and featured roles.


The dance aspect of the course is developed by industry choreographers and you will complete many musical theatre dances over the course of the year.  You will learn about the powerful "performance centre" of your body and will be given skills and techniques to develop the ability to sing while dancing. The genre is musical dramatic dance.