GIANT LEAPS Speech + Drama 
Terms + Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. All services provided by GIANT LEAPS Speech & Drama shall be governed by them. We require your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions at the time we receive your referral and before providing any services. We provide our services to you subject to this agreement.  As always with a binding contract, please read through it carefully.  We may amend the terms and conditions of this agreement, but the current version will always appear on our website (  If you continue to use our services after changes are made to this agreement, we will inform you of these changes.

  • FIXED TERM FEE: A fixed term fee is charged for all classes. All of our classes have a minimum enrolment period of one term. Enrolments automatically roll over to the following term unless you advise us otherwise. No refund will be permitted where a child does not complete the terms classes. You will receive an invoice via email for your fees midway through the teaching term with payment due the 20th of the following month. Fees are paid directly to Giant Leaps Speech Company. See FEE schedule here.
  • HALF TERM FEES: Half term fees may apply at the discretion of the company where a child enrolls mid way though the teaching term.
  • PAYMENT PLANS: We are happy to consider a payment plan to pay fees in installments over the duration of the teaching term. please contact to arrange this
  • TERM is as per school calendar. Our fees are fixed for a term with students attending one class each week either at their school or at a chosen venue. Unattended classes will not be reimbursed unless in exceptional circumstances. 
  • TEACHER ONLY DAYS: Giant Leaps Speech + Drama classes will continue as normal on Teacher only days. It is the responsibility of the child and their family to choose if they attend their scheduled class.
  • PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: Classes will NOT run on Public Holidays
  • In the rare occasion where your child's teacher is not available to take their scheduled classes and where a relieving teacher cannot be found, classes will be caught up the following week. When a class cannot be caught up because of teacher absence, a discount on term fees will be offered to reflect this.
  • ADDITIONAL LESSONS: If additional lessons are required to bring students up to examination standard, these will be charged for at the rate of $15.00+gst / 15minute lesson.
  • WITHDRAWING FROM CLASSES: Enrolments for classes are rolled over each term unless notice of withdrawal is given prior to the beginning of the new term. Your child/s class day and time will remain the same each term unless you advise us otherwise or request something different.