Speech and Drama classes

We are developing the confidence, creativity, and communication skills of young New Zealanders.

GIANT LEAPS Speech & Drama classes empower young people to become the best communicators they can be. We have classes for ALL ages and abilities. Our New Zealand Speech and Drama curriculum develops children that will succeed in a world that demands confidence, creativity and the ability to communicate ideas clearly. We know that these skills are needed more today than ever before!

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Classes for ALL ages and abilities

Preschool classes

Preschool classes are expertly designed with collaboration between our team of NZ Speech-Language therapists and Speech and Drama teachers. Children get explicit exposure to language rich opportunities and experiences ready to thrive at school!

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Primary classes

At Primary level, we use gold standard teaching resources and activities to develop confidence, creativity, performance skills, leadership skills, social skills, emotional intelligence, teamwork, public speaking skills and so much more!

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Secondary classes

At Secondary level we develop advanced communication and performance skills that are adaptable to any audience, purpose, and occasion. Our high school graduates have versatile communication skills to take on the world!

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Our Programme

Our programme closely follows the Speech New Zealand and Trinity College London teaching syllabus. Our expert teachers have sourced hundreds of fun games and imaginative scenarios to deliver inspiring lessons. Our lessons teach conversation skills, creative thinking, mime and movement, body language. effective use of voice, acting skills, public and impromptu speaking, speech writing and delivery.

Our classes

Classes are high energy and exciting. The success of our programme is based on the individualised tuition your child will receive. Our calsses are carefully managed with similar age, abilities and interestes. There is a maximum of 6 children in a group. Lessons are 45 minutes in duration and occur weekly over the school term.


From as young as 7 years, children will be encouraged and supported to participate in Speech NZ and Trinity College of London speech examinations. Exams give students the opportunity to work towards a national  achievement measure. Exams are optional, but highly recommended. 

The benifits of Speech and Drama


We understand all children are different. We guide our students to develop at their own pace and readiness. 


Creativity and imagination are important skills for the development of children's brains. During our classes, students are encouraged to express themselves openly and without judgment. 

Speaking skills

We teach the foundation speaking skills for effective communication. Students will learn to speak clearly and appropriate for different audiences and situations.


We challenge our students to explore different characters through role play, improvisation, and script work .This influences our student's to have empathy and compassion for others in real-life situations.

Body Language

We teach our students positive body language and nonverbal communication for relationships, building trust and making positive impressions on others.

Problem solving

Problem solving is a skill that we use in all aspects of life. During classes we practice problem solving to develop skills in reasoning and understanding.

Manners + respect

Our classes are positive, energetic, welcoming, and supportive. We expect this from our students too!


Our classes are collaborative. Students practice working together, sharing responsibility and compromising with others to accomplish a common goal. 

Over 20 locations across Otago and Canterbury

GIANT LEAPS Speech + Drama classes are offered Monday - Friday at over 20 locations in Otago and Canterbury, As well as afterschool locations, you will find our classes offered in several local Primary and Secondary schools during school hours. We know that our children and their families are busy, so at GIANT LEAPS we offer the flexibility to help you to find a class that suits.




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Our Teachers

Our classes are taught by a team of successful, practicing professionals, each with many years experience studying, performing and teaching. At GIANT LEAPS you can be assured that your child is getting the best teaching available. Our handpicked teachers are highly qualified and experienced with backgrounds in performing, directing, public speaking, vocals, radio, theatre and education. We are incredibly lucky to have a team that is made up of the very best in our industry! We are committed to building the creativity, confidence and communication skills of every student. We love what we do - and we love sharing our knowledge and expertise to make a positive difference in the lives of our student's too!

Itinerant classes at your school

Itinerant Speech + Drama classes within the school are a great option for students, parents and educators. Our classes teach students the strategies and tools they need to achieve lifelong communication and performance skills. Our classes are based on the Speech New Zealand Syllabus which builds on - and extends, the Ministry of Education oral language teaching and learning objectives. Just send us a message if you would like to see our programme at your school.

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