live-in-five I holiday program.

Giant Leaps I LIVE-IN-FIVE is our exclusive school holiday programme. Under the direction of leading industry professionals, students will have the opportunity to put on a live show in just five days! LIVE-IN-FIVE is about building confidence, creativity, communication and performance skills.  Students will forge new friendships and social skills. We have designed a school holiday programme that encourages students of ALL ages and abilities to take part.  Whether you are a budding stage star, outgoing or shy, we have a role for everyone.  LIVE-IN-FIVE encompasses a broad range of  skills including acting + singing + choreographed dancing . Every LIVE-IN-FIVE performer will get their spot in the limelight with solos, acting lines and group performances.  In just five intensive days our young performers will experience the buzz of putting on a show, wrapping up the week with their live performance in front of friends and family.

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Mon to Fri 9am - 3pm daily. 


During the programme children develop confidence as they explore many different elements of creative drama, dance & singing. We work with a script of an original or published play that we have performance rights for. Every holiday is different! And everybody has an important part to play. The scenes, dances and songs we work on over the course of each week are tailored to suit the ages, abilities and interests of the children attending.

bring + wear.

Children will be using up a lot of energy, so it is important that they bring a named drink bottle of water, healthy snacks and a healthy lunch. We have breaks for morning tea (15 mins) lunch (30 mins) and afternoon tea (15 mins) each day. We move around a lot so please makes sure clothing is comfortable and practical. Tracksuit pants, leggings or shorts are the best things to wear.

coming + going.

Live-in-five runs from 9am - 3pm each day. The venue will be open from 8.45 onwards. The day ends at 3pm and children must be picked up from the hall unless we have been informed otherwise. We will never leave children to wait for parents outside the hall unattended. for everyone's safety it is expected that parents come into the venue at the end of the day to collect their child.

the live show.

At the end of the week children take to the stage with the LIVE performance for family and friends to show-off all they have been working on over the course of the programme. This highly anticipated event is held at the venue at 3 pm on the final afternoon (Friday). The show will be videoed and every participant will get a copy of the show to take home.

the tutors.

We have handpicked our Live-in-Five team. Our tutors have backgrounds in performing, directing, public speaking, vocals, radio, theatre and education. Our tutors are passionate about all aspects of communication + performance. But what we are most passionate about, is every individual thriving on the stage and achieving their potential. 


$230 /week. This includes tuition, craft materials, costumes, a performance T-shirt and a CD of the live show.  We offer a ($30) discount to families enrolling a second or subsequent sibling.  (1st child $230, 2nd & subsequent children $200).