Giant Leaps Speech Therapy terms + conditions...

By submitting a referral form you are agreeing to the following...

All services provided by GIANT LEAPS Speech Therapy shall be governed by them. We require your acceptance of these terms and conditions at the time we receive your referral and before providing any services. We provide our services to you subject to acceptance of this agreement.  We may amend the terms and conditions of this agreement, but the current version will always appear on our website (  If you continue to use our services after changes are made to this agreement, we will inform you of these changes.


Giant Leaps shall provide the services to the client in accordance with these terms and conditions. Giant Leaps shall provide the services in accordance with the standards of skill and care reasonably expected from a leading service provider in the Speech-Language Therapy industry. All of our therapists are registered with the New Zealand Speech Therapy Association, the governing body for Speech therapists practicing in New Zealand.

paid Speech therapy fees

ASSESSMENT SERVICES carry a minimum base charge of $185.00+gst (as at 01st January 2022). When additional testing, report writing, funding applications, observations etc are required over the base charge to complete the assessment, this will be communicated with the client. Any additional charges will be advised prior to any services being provided.

THERAPY SERVICES are charged out at the whole or part hourly rate of $130.00+gst (as at 01st January 2022). We typically recommend a half hour therapy session / weekly at the rate of $65.00+gst (as at 01st January 2022).


paid Structured literacy fees

DIAGNOSTIC ASSESSMENT - The diagnostic assessment is prerequisite for every new client starting structured literacy regardless of any prior independent assessments that may have been obtained. This provides the baseline information we need about your child's current literacy skills and at what level they would start their structured literacy intervention. We get a measure of phonological awareness skills, alphabet code knowledge, and current decoding (reading) skills The cost of the diagnostic assessment is $130.00+gst (as at 01st January 2022). 

STRUCTURED LITERACY sessions are charged out at the whole or part hourly rate of $130.00+gst (as at 01st January 2022). We typically recommend a half hour / weekly structured literacy session at the rate of $65.00+gst (as at 01st January 2022).


 Travel time and mileage (if applicable) 

Therapist travel time and mileage has been carefully compacted into one charge for any services that take place outside of the clients local clinic location or CBD. Travel and mileage is charged at $1.20/km. This rate encompasses the IRD recommended mileage charge of 0.78c/km travelled and 0.42c/km therapist travel time. Travel & mileage will be calculated as a return trip from the nearest clinic location to the end service location, and return to the clinic base. Travel & mileage will be calculated using using the shortest and fastest travel route advised. Travel & mileage will be split between multiple clients when applicable on route for the same therapist services in the same day. 

monetization_on Payments 

The client agrees to paying Giant Leaps Speech Therapy after having received services. Invoices for our services will be sent out via email on the 31st of the month with payment due on or before the 20th of the following month.

The Client must pay the charges in full at or before the due date unless prior payment arrangements have been approved by the company.

 If the client does not pay any amount rightfully due to Giant Leaps Speech Limited under these terms and conditions, the company has the right to charge the client interest on the overdue amount at the rate of 10% per annum (which interest will accrue daily until the date of actual payment and compounded at the end of each calendar month) until the full payment is made.

help Cancellations

At Giant Leaps Speech Company, we prepare for each of our appointments thoroughly. Accordingly, there is a limit to the number of clients we see in a day because of the high level of service we guarantee. If you book an appointment with us and don’t turn up – or if you contact us to cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, two things happen 1) we loose the time we have spent preparing for your appointment – time that we could have spent helping our other clients, and 2) we may not have enough notice to schedule another client on our waitlist in to your cancelled appointment time. This limits the number of clients we are able to help that day.

We will accept cancellations up to 24 hours before an appointment is scheduled. You must notify us of your cancellation by email, text, or by telephone. Our current contact details are and 0800 4 SPEECH

If you fail to attend, cancel, or seek to reschedule an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be liable to pay a 50% cancellation fee calculated from the cost of your scheduled appointment. If you fail to attend two or more scheduled appointments without notification, we reserve the right to discharge you and/or any child under your care from our service without notice.


A contract under these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with New Zealand Law. The courts of New Zealand shall have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in connection with these terms and conditions.