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  • Supporting Children with Speech Sound Difficulties.
    As a parent, it can be hard to know how to support your child when they are experience speech sound difficulties. Speech sound difficulties may make it a real struggle to understand what your child is saying. This can lead to behaviour problems, feelings of worry, and frustration.
    Posted: Sunday 22 August 2021
  • Some children are highly gifted in areas such as math, writing or music. Then there are those with challenges that affect learning: They could have ADHD, dyslexia or dyscalculia, or perhaps they’re autistic or have sensory processing issues. But there are also kids who fit both categories. They’re called twice-exceptional, or 2e, which means that they have exceptional ability and disability. They are gifted in some way but they also face learning or developmental challenges.
    Posted: Thursday 26 August 2021